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The Egg Donor Application


Welcome to The Egg Donor Center’s online application system! This is where your application to become an egg donor starts. Egg donation is a process in which a fertility doctor uses medications to stimulate your ovaries and retrieve your eggs. These eggs are used for a recipient couple to conceive.

Many of our donors say that giving someone this anonymous gift gives them great satisfaction. In addition, the compensation for your time and effort is substantial; quite a few of our donors do egg donation to finance their education, or supplement their income while pursuing their dream career.

As a donor at The Egg Donor Center, you will remain anonymous. Your identity will not be disclosed to the recipients, and we take all the precautions to safeguard your personal information.

If you have more questions, our egg donor FAQ page may help you. Otherwise, you can contact us.

If you are ready, please fill out the application below. It’s a lengthy application, so take your time, and make sure everything is correct and complete. What you write in your application—except for any identifying information like name, address, etc.—is what the prospective recipients rely on when choosing one ideal donor out of a pool of thousands. Try to showcase the best part of you—physically, intellectually, artistically, and personally!

If your application is approved, we’ll be in touch with you within a month or so.

First Name:   *
Last Name:   *
Date of Birth:

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Address 1:
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Home Phone:
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Alternate Phone:
I heard about egg donation through:
   A friend or another donor   Name:  
   A patient of CHR   Name:  
   Advertisement   Where:  
If accepted as an egg donor I would be available to serve beginning:
  Starting as of      (mm/dd/yyyy)
I would be most interested in donating eggs at:
Marital Status:
  Single with one partner
  Single and dating
  Separated or Divorced
  Living together
Place of Birth:
Ethnicity (check all that apply):
Aborigine African
Asian South Asian
Caucasian Hispanic
Indonesian Mediterranean
Native American West Indian
Other Enter Other:  
Please select your ancestry and provide the percentage. You can add up to 8 ancestries.
Religion Born into:
 Other        Enter Other:  

Personal Characteristics

Enter Weight:     lbs
Eye Color:
Natural Hair Color:
Type of Hair (check all that apply):
Straight Wavy
Thick Fine
Curly Coarse
Frizzy Kinky
Do you wear corrective lenses:
Are you predominantly:
  Right Handed
  Left Handed
Skin Tone:
Additional Characteristics (check all that apply):
Cleft Chin
Big Eyes
High Cheek Bones
Full Lips
Other       Enter Other:  


Educational Background (check all that apply):
Some High School
High School Graduate
Tech/Trade School
Some College
Bachelor's Degree
      Degree Achieved:
      Major Area of Study:
Associate's Degree
      Degree Achieved:
      Major Area of Study:
Graduate Study
Graduate Degree
      Degree Achieved:
      Major Area of Study:      
Post Graduate Study
  Other       Enter Other:  
S.A.T. Scores:
Total Score:
Other Placement Scores:
Work/Occupation History
I currently work in the home
I am currently a full time student
I am currently unemployed
I currently work part time
I currently work full time
Enter Occupation:      
What kind of work have you done in the past?
What kind of work is most appealing to you?

Personal Preferences/Abilities:

Are you skilled mechanically or technically?
How would you rate your Abilities in Mathematics:
Literary Skills:
Scientific/Research Ability:
Athletic Abilities
Do you have a favorite sport?
Please list your favorite sports:
How would you rate your Musical Skills/Ability:
Artistic Talents:
Other than English, what languages do you speak? (check all that apply):
Chinese Czech
Farsi French
German Greek
Hebrew Hungarian
Italian Japanese
Polish Portuguese
Russian Spanish
Other        Enter Other:  
Do you have any special talents or hobbies?
If yes, please list your talents or hobbies:
How would you describe your personality?
What is your ultimate ambition in life?

Social History

Tobacco (Check all that currently apply):
I currently smoke
I am a heavy smoker
I used to smoke but no longer do
I have never smoked cigarettes
   I never drink alcohol
   I drink      times per week
   I rarely drink alcohol (less than twice a year)
Drug usage:
   I have never used illegal drugs
   I have tried illegal drugs at least once in the past
   I used to do drugs regularly but don't anymore
   I am currently using one or more of the following:
     Enter usages:      
Have you ever used injectable drugs?
If yes, when did you last use injectable drugs?
Sexual Behavior:
I have worked as a prostitute in the past
I have engaged in homosexual activities
I have engaged in heterosexual activity with a prostitute within the previous six months
I engage in sexual activities with more than one partner on regular basis
I consider myself to be bisexual
I consider myself to be homosexual
I consider myself to be heterosexual
The Law (check all that apply):
   I have never had any legal trouble
  I have had legal trouble in the past
If yes, explain the type of legal trouble you have had:
I have been convicted of a crime
I have spent time in prison
What was the crime you were convicted of perpetrating?

Psychological History:

Have you ever sought counseling for depression or emotional problems?
Have you ever taken antidepressants for more than three months at a time?
Have you ever been diagnosed as having any of the following (please check all that apply)
Manic Depression
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Anorexia or Bulimia
Self Mutilation

Personal Health History:

Do you have any allergies that you're aware of?
If yes, please indicate what you are allergic to:
Are you allergic to any medications?
If yes, please tell us what medication you're allergic to:
Were you or any of your relatives born with genetic disorders that led to hearing impairment?
Do you have any dietary restrictions?
If yes, what are your dietary restrictions, and for what reason?
Do you take any supplemental vitamins or herbal remedies on a continual basis?
If yes, please list what vitamins or herbal remedies you are taking:
Do you take any prescription or over the counter medication on a regular or continual basis?
If yes, please list what medication you are currently taking:
Do you exercise regularly?
Have you had any surgeries in the past?
If yes, please indicate what surgeries you have had:
Have you ever had an adverse reaction to general anesthetics?
If yes, please indicate what happened, and the severity of the response:
Have you ever been hospitalized for anything other than the above listed surgeries?
If yes, please tell us why you were hospitalized:

Menstrual History:

(please answer the following questions about your menstrual cycle)
How old were you when you first began to menstruate:
   Other        Enter Other:  
How many days are there (usually) between one period to the next?
   Other        Enter Other:  
How many days do your periods usually last?
   Other        Enter Other:  
Do you ever experience mid-cycle bleeding?
Would you describe your menstrual cycle as:
In general, how heavy is your menstrual flow?
  Very Heavy
Have you ever taken, or are you currently taking oral contraceptives?
If yes, what brand and for how long?
What methods of contraceptive have you used? Please list:

Sexual Activity/History:

(please answer the following questions about your sexual history)
How many sexual partners have you had intercourse with in the past year?
  4 or more
Have you been with a sexual partner that is a known user of drugs?
Have you had intercourse with a bisexual or homosexual partner?
Have you had intercourse without the use of a condom in the last year?
Have any of your past or present sexual partners shown evidence of having HIV infection?
Have you ever been with a sexual partner who tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please explain in full detail:

Pregnancy History:

Have you ever been pregnant?
If yes, how many times have you been pregnant?
Have you ever carried a pregnancy to term?
If yes, were there any complications with gestation or delivery?
If yes, what were the complications?
How many times have you given birth?
Has every delivery resulted in a live birth?
Have you ever been told in the past, that you have had any of the following? (check all that apply):
Sexually Transmitted Disease Chlamydia
AIDS Condyloma (Human Papaloma Virus)
Ureaplasma/Mycoplasma Autoimmune Disorder
Syphilis Ovarian Cysts
Multiple Sclerosis Alzheimer's Disease
Tuberculosis Herpes Simplex Virus I or II
Abnormal Pap Smear Cancer
Hepatitis A, B or C Endometriosis
Fibroids Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Hypertension Endocrine Disease
Do you have an occupation with risk of exposure to radiation or other chemicals that could be harmful to your health?
If yes, please explain what chemicals you are or have been exposed to:
Have you had a Pap Smear within the past 6 months?
Was result of your Pap Smear within normal limits?
Have you received a blood transfusion within the past six months?
Have you ever received a blood transfusion or other blood products at any time in your life?
If yes, when did this happen?
Are you a current or former U.S. military or civilian military employee (or dependent), who resided on a military base in Germany, Belgium, or The Netherlands for 6 months or more between 1980-1990?

Are you a current or former U.S. military or civilian military employee (or dependent), who resided on a military base in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, or Italy for 6 months or more between 1980-1996?

Have you ever spent 5 or more cumulative years in Europe?

Did you spend 3 or more cumulative months in the U.K. between 1980-1996?

Have you received any blood transfusions or transfusions of blood products in the U.K. or France?

Have you or your sexual partner lived in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Niger, or  Nigeria since 1977?

Have you ever received blood transfusions or other blood products in any of the African countries listed above?

Ever been diagnosed with dementia, or other diseases of the central nervous system?
Ever received a human pituitary-derived growth hormone?
Ever had a non-synthetic dura mater transplant?
Ever received any transplantation of living cells (xenotransplant), or had intimate contact with any xenotransplant recipient?
Have you acquired a tattoo within the last year?
If yes, when did you get your newest tattoo?
Have you ever had an animal bite or rabies?
Have you ever received blood products or clotting factors for abnormal bleeding?
Have you ever been excluded from blood donation?
If yes, please explain when and why:
Have you ever received Pituitary derived growth hormone?

Family History

Relative Alive? Present age or age of death Height Weight Hair Color Eye Color Any Medical Problems Occupation Birth Place
Mother   Yes   No
Maternal Grandmother   Yes   No
Maternal Grandfather   Yes   No
Father   Yes   No
Paternal Grandmother   Yes   No
Paternal Grandfather   Yes   No
Sibling 1   Yes   No
Sibling 2   Yes   No
Your Own Child 1   Yes   No
Your Own Child 2   Yes   No
Please tell us if any member of your family has any of the conditions listed below.
Condition Self Family Who in the Family?
Cleft PalateNoYesNo
Spina BifidaNoYesNo
Thyroid DiseaseNoYesNo
Mental RetardationNoYesNo
Down's SyndromeNoYesNo
Cystic FibrosisNoYesNo
Marfan SyndromeNoYesNo
Muscular DystrophyNoYesNo
Cancer (indicate type)NoYesNo
Clinical DepressionNoYesNo
Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderNoYesNo
Tay Sachs DiseaseNoYesNo
Canavan's DiseaseNoYesNo
Hemolytic AnemiaNoYesNo
Hearing ImpairmentNoYesNo
Color BlindnessNoYesNo
Heart DiseaseNoYesNo
Parkison's DiseaseNoYesNo
High CholesterolNoYesNo
Sickle Cell AnemiaNoYesNo
Huntington's DiseaseNoYesNo
Multiple SclerosisNoYesNo
Altzheimer's DiseaseNoYesNo
Recurrent MiscarriageNoYesNo
Liver DiseaseNoYesNo
High Blood PressureNoYesNo
Tourette's SyndromeNoYesNo
Still Born BabiesNoYesNo
Sudden Infant Death DefectsNoYesNo
Death before age 40NoYesNo
Addiction (indicate type)NoYesNo
Clinical OsteoporosisNoYesNo
I am interested in becoming an egg donor because:
Are you currently in a egg donor program elsewhere?
Have you ever donated your eggs before?
If yes, when did you donate?
How many eggs were retrieved?
Are you willing to share your photo with the oocyte recipient and allow us to post on CHR's donor database website?
Are you willing to travel to recipient clinic at no expense to you?
Please write a brief summary of who you are, in terms of personality, physical characteristics, interests, talents, etc. This is the first description of you that potential recipients read, so try to showcase the best of you:
Do you certify that your answers and explanations were voluntarily given?
Do you certify that your answers which were voluntarily given, are correct to the best of your knowledge?
Are you aware of any other health problems in your self, family or previous sexual partners that you have not already disclosed?
If yes, please indicate those problems you are aware of, that you have not already disclosed to us in this document:


I hereby certify that my answers and explanations, which were voluntarily given in this questionnaire, are correct. I understand that the answers used in this questionnaire will be used to determine my appropriateness as a donor and to help match me with a prospective recipient. I will allow TED to share any of the information in this questionnaire with potential recipient couples except my identifying information. I am not aware of any problems in myself, my family, or my current or previous sexual partners that were not answered in the above questions.
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